Packaging and Materials Handling Solutions in the UK and Ireland

Total Line or Standalone Solutions

Strictly Automation's unique experience of many industries provide a total solution package from assessment of requirements through to the finished installation.

Open-Mouth Bagging and Big-Bag Machines

Pre-made paper, plastic or woven polypropylene bags with or without carry handles, zip closures can be handled on the comprehensive range built by the world-renowned machine builder, Concetti. From small bag weights of just a few hundred grams up to 25 and 30 Kgs. Concetti also build a big-bag filling machine that can either be combined with an open-mouth bagger or a standalone system.

Form, Fill and Seal Baggers

Form, fill and seal machines for a wide range of products from powders to aggregates and even individual products. High speed FFS baggers such as the Concetti Continua enable efficient packing using tubular film stock. FFS machines from flat film are a speciality of EsseGi where all types of product can be efficiently filled. Also, products can be compressed using an hydraulic ram to give a tight bale especially interesting for overseas shipments.,

Collators and Case Packers as Secondary Packers, including Sales-Ready Boxes

Collation and secondary packing of bags and other multiple format SKUs with primary packs in the required orientation for palletising and point-of-sale presentations.


Depending on the requirement, layer palletizers with precision stacking properties or sales-ready solutions for bagged products of animal feed, powders or aggregates can be combined with dedicated infeed systems, banding of layers and stretch wrapping or hooding on completion. Concetti's speciality in the secure and precision palletising of bagged products is unique with a leading world-wide reputation. Robot cells can deal with up to two lines at a time and are ideal for palletising in two stations. The two station technique is ideal when FLT operation is involved in transferring the loaded pallet to a standalone stretch wrapping station. Pallet labelling automation is also available to two sides of the load.

Stretch Wrappers

Ring, arm, turntable or standalone wrappers are designed to reduce the amount of wrapping material placed around the load to secure it for storage and transport. Modern pre-stretch machines can significantly reduce costs and waste.


Specialist stretch hooders to protect the product during storage and transport by completely wrapping the palletised load in a one-piece hood. Enables storage outside whatever the weather. Gives optimum product stability during handling and transit.


Heavy duty balers for all varieties of animal feed and bedding, insulation material and similar products that can be compacted. The latest development is portion control systems that build up the bale by making individual flakes of 4Kg and putting 5 of these in a bale. The stable hand can then easily separate the flake without the need to weigh or destroying the length of fibre - especially important for horses. All these are supplied with bale breakers, feed systems as well as dust control and auger feeds.

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